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The Zoonotic Behavioral Resource Assessments (ZBRA) toolkit is a repository for research on select zoonotic diseases with an emphasis on risk and prevention behaviors, individual and sociocultural drivers, and the policy and communication environment that influences those behaviors. The purpose of ZBRA is to strengthen behavioral research on priority zoonotic diseases in order to inform evidence-based risk communication and community engagement.

Breakthrough ACTION, USAID’s flagship social and behavior change project, developed ZBRA to equip researchers, public health practitioners, government officials, and other implementing partners or stakeholders to conduct behavioral research on priority zoonotic diseases  and learn from existing research.

  • Focus

    This toolkit is focused on research conducted by Breakthrough ACTION in countries in Africa that are implementing risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) programing under the Global Health Security Agenda. Highlighted are key preventative behaviors and risk behaviors that cross-cut common priority zoonotic diseases and could prompt a zoonotic event or propagate person-to-person transmission. Insights on individual and sociocultural determinants influencing the behaviors are offered as well.

  • Research

    In the research tools section, we provide quantitative survey questions and qualitative interview guides, by priority zoonotic disease, to explore determinants in local settings. This toolkit arose from the recognition of the challenges in mapping priority zoonotic diseases to specific behaviors, accessing sociocultural research on zoonotic diseases, and conducting research studies on these topics.

  • Country Profiles

    Explore each of the Breakthrough ACTION GHSA countries has a page that summarizes the priority zoonotic diseases for that country, the stakeholders involved in One Health activities, and existing Breakthrough ACTION research. Where possible, the pages also offer a case study explaining how behavioral research was used to inform social and behavior change interventions in the country.

    Click on the map to visit the various settings where GHSA is being implemented by Breakthrough ACTION.

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ZBRA Introduction and Case Studies

Introduction à ZBRA et études de cas

Cross-cutting resources for behavioral research on priority zoonotic diseases

From here, navigate to profiles of the priority zoonotic diseases, an overview of specific behaviors that prevent or create risk for zoonotic transmission, tools for conducting behavioral research on priority zoonotic diseases, or a thematic summary of existing research.

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